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Q: Where can I find parts for my boat that is older than 5 years?

Unfortunately, we only keep parts in stock for five years. Parts for older boats must be ordered directly from our vendors.

Here are some websites that have proven very reliable in matching older model boat parts: Keep in mind, not all parts are interchangeable from year to year so this may present a problem when trying to match furniture/consoles/graphics etc.

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Q: Where can I find touch up paint for my Lowe boat?

Your local Lowe dealer will be able to assist you in ordering touch up paint. If the paint is no longer available, you can call our vendor, PPG-Oak Creek or visit your local auto body supply store.

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Q: Where can I find wiring schematics for my Lowe boat?

Sorry, we can not provide any wiring schematics. Generally, that information belongs to the manufacturer and we are unable to publish that information.

Your Local Lowe dealer is often your best resource to call upon for repair needs or technical support. They have years of hands on experience and we rely on them to be our eyes and ears.

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Q: Can I buy a boat directly from the Lowe factory?

Sorry, but we do not sell direct to customers, all purchasing is done through the dealer network. Click Here to find your nearest Lowe Boats dealer.

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Q: How can I purchase a replacement cover or enclosure for my Lowe boat?

For a boat less than 5 years old, your cover will likely be in stock. You can order replacement covers and Bimini frames through your local Lowe Dealer. We get all of our custom canvas from Dowco Marine, where you may be able to find covers for older boats as well. Dowco Marine also makes many different types of covers and encloures that may suit your needs.

If you need to replace an older cover that can no longer be matched, there are many non-custom “universal” covers available from marine supply stores that can be searched and selected by the length/width/height of the make and model of the boat.

You local canvas shop may be able to help as well. Often, they can use an old cover as a pattern to build a replacement. If you don't have an old cover for the boat, the boat itself may be used to prototype a new pattern.

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Q: What is the dead rise of my Lowe boat?

We do list the dead rise at the transom of our Roughneck models because of shallow water use (3.5 variable dead rise to at the transom). However, we currently do not list the Dead Rise for all models. This information may be posted in the future.

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Q: Where can I find my boat's Hull Draft information?

We do not post a definative hull draft for your safety and for warranty reasons—there are just too many variables. Motor size, the amount gear on board, the number of people, even how many gallons of gas in the tank will affect the hull draft of your boat.

A good rule of thumb is it's safe to enter 2'. Knowing the body of water is Key!

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Q: Is my boat salt water ready?

All of our boats are Coast Gard approved to be can used in any body of water; however, they are designed for inland waterways and do not have the same structure design as open sea going vessels. If you do plan on using your boat on salt or brackish waters we recommend you rinse the boat, motor, and trailer thoroughly inside and out after each use in saltwater.

We do not recommend leaving the boat docked in saltwater for any length of time. If your boat is used in saltwater often, use a neutralizer/hull flush on the inner portion of the hull roughly once a month. Your local Lowe dealer should have this product available. Our galvanized trailers come standard with carpeted bunks - for saltwater use we highly recommend Teflon bunk protectors as salt will remain traped in the carpet. Teflon bunk protectors are an available option on many of our galvanized trailers; be sure to ask your dealer.

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Q: How do I process a warranty claim?

If you are having Warranty Issues and are the original owner of the boat, the first step in the warranty process is to contact your local Lowe dealer. All Warranty claims must be submitted through a current Lowe dealer. The dealer you purchased the boat from (or your local dealer) will be able to help you in processing a warranty claim, and help in ordering any parts/accessories or replacement you're in need of.

Your Lowe dealer will need some additional information, please be sure to include the HIN# of the boat, a few pictures of the damaged area, your name and contact information along with a brief description of the problem.

This will help keep the Warranty Process in order and when the Lowe Dealer contacts our Warranty Manager the dealer will have all the needed information.

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Q: Where can I find a Owner's Manual for my Lowe boat?

We do not have owner's manuals like you would find with an automobile, but we do have some of the sales catalogs on our Catalog Archives.

A good resource for new owners is Low Boats Owner's Club.

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Q: Do you have any information on boating safety?

We do offer a Boating Safety Guide. This Guide is full of useful information on safety, guidelines, and regulations. If you need information about proper boating safety on your Lowe Boat, we would be happy to send one to you. Supplies are limited. The United States Coast Guard also has some great information on boating safety.

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Q: Where can I find performance data?

Mercury Marine does all our performance testing and we do post some speed test information on the Lowe website.

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Q: Why does my boat perform differently than the posted performance data?

Often performance testing is done in ideal conditions to achieve the best possible results. For example, the maximum allowable horsepower, with only one person, on a calm day, is needed to achieve the maximum performance of the boat.

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Q: Can I order a customized boat?

We release as many different models and options as possible to meet as many needs and preferences as possible. Truely custom layouts are generally not available.

You can consult your dealer about submittig an Engineering Change Request (ECR). Although, any ECR's that do get approved are usually on orders of a 10-15 boat minimum.

If you are considering adding additional equipment not offered by Lowe or making a design change, this would most likely be an aftermarket modification.

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Q: What is my HIN Number and where is it?

The Hull Identificatin Number (HIN#) is like the VIN# on an automobile or a serial number used to identify that specific boat. The 12 digit number can usually be found on the outer portion of the transom on a small plate, either attached to the starboard rear section above the pontoon log, or in the upper right corner of the transom.

These are nearly impossible to replace because once a HIN# has been issued to a vessel, it is recorded and filed with the United States Coast Guard. If you can not find your HIN#, it is possible that there is a hidden HIN# somewhere on your boat. You will have to take the boat to a LOWE dealer before we can disclose the location of the hidden HIN#.

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Q: How do I get service, parts, or additional information on my boat trailer?

We get all of our trailers from Karavan Trailers. Please contact them directly for questions on components, prices, specs, or any warranty issues.



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Q: Do you have a Prop-Chart and Package lengths available?

Depending on the year of boat, your Lowe Dealer should have a Standardized Prop chart and Package lengths available.

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