Lowe History


Your Passion is Our Heritage.

45 Years of Pure American Craftsmanship

Lowe Boats has been building top-quality aluminum boats since 1971. However, the family heritage in aluminum watercraft is even more rich, going back many years earlier. Dianna Lowe, co-founder of Lowe Industries, was the daughter of J.B. Appleby, considered by many to be the father of aluminum boating. Dianna and her husband, Carl Lowe, founded Lowe Line in 1971 in Lebanon, Missouri, building jon boats and canoes:

"We brought in local people and trained them on-site. For example, those who wanted to learn welding were trained here. We didn't bring many people in from outside the area. An experienced welder shows a beginner the technique after working hours and the beginner practices—on his own time—by welding scrap metal. When he gets good enough, he goes on the line. Interestingly, boys who had worked at something which requires manual skills—shoeing horses or playing a musical instrument—often made the best welders."
J.B. Appleby and Son-In-Law, Carl Lowe

J.B. Appleby and his son-in-law, Carl Lowe, were in the boat building business together for nearly a decade before Carl started his own aluminum boat company.

Year 1971

A Better Boat

1971: Humble beginnings

Lowe was founded in 1971 to build high value aluminum boats and canoes to fit a family's boating needs.

Year 1979

Good Clean Fun

1979: Bringing families together on the water

Pontoons had been gaining popularity throughout the early 70's. In 1979, Lowe brought forth their vision of a more feature-rich, easier to use pontoon boat. With the growing success of their pontoon line, Lowe Line changed the company's name to Lowe in 1981.

Year 1988

Innovation at Every Turn

1988: Defining and Redefining Aluminum Boats

In 1988, Lowe produced its first deep-V, the Lunker III 16'. Meanwhile, Lowe continued develop a reputation for building high quality, yet affordable aluminum boats and pontoons to suit almost any need. That same year, Lowe was purchased by the OMC corporation.

Year 1992

Cruising Appeal

1992: Propulsion and Performance

In 1992, Lowe introduced the first aluminum deck boat, the Lowe 2200 QR Silhouette.

Year 1999

Under One Roof

1999: A Unified Vision

In 1999, Lowe integrated its Roughneck, Sea Nymph and Suncruiser lines under the Lowe brand. In 2001 Lowe became part of Genmar Holdings following the sale of the OMC boat companies.

Year 2004

Wide Open Throttle

2004: Fortune 500

In 2004, Brunswick Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, acquired Lowe Boats. Brunswick Boat Group is the world's largest manufacturer of pleasure boats.

Year 2007

Next Level Standards

2007: ISO 9001:2000 Certified

In 2007, Lowe Boats became the first full-line aluminum boat company to receive the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 9001:2000 Certification for its approach to process improvement, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Present Year

A New Generation

TODAY: The Legacy Continues

After over 50 years of boat building, the Lowe legacy pushes forward in 2016 for a new generation of boaters and water enthusiasts!