The Standard for Aluminum Boat Construction

 Over 50 Years of Perfecting Fishability

Everyone says they have it. Some even say they invented it. We simply say we’ve been perfecting these do-it-all fishing tools for over 50 years. With thousands of Lowe anglers fishing every species across the US we’ve learned a thing or two about fishability. More deck space for you and your partner, faster hole shots, more stability and a smoother, dryer ride . And, we pack in all the pro-level fishing features and an industry-setting warranty you demand.

 Proven Lowe Quality & Features

Comfortable, Supportive Seats
For those long days on the water, our ergonomic, body forming swivel seats are softer on your seat due to our multi-density Reflex™ foam with MemoryTec™ construction.

Adjustable and Pop-Up Cleats
For a clean, no-fishline-snagging, optional and standard cleats are placed in angler savvy and dock ready locations.

Heavy-Duty Floor Options 
Fishing can get messy! Make clean up easier with optional vinyl floor covering, SeaDek® or super-tough, weather and impact resistant sprayed in liners .

Tournament-Class Livewells
To keep your catch lively we include divided livewells forward & aft with reliable Flow-Rite® plumbing, timers, tempered aluminum hatch-lids with splash guard seals and built-in bait buckets aft.

Multiple Rod Storage Boxes
You can never have enough rod storage, so each model features rod storage designed and sized specifically to the boat’s intended use.

Storage Compartments
To handle all your storage needs various models include up to four individual storage boxes – aft and bow decks.


Ultimate Comfort & Stability

 Super-Wide Delivers a Superior Fishing Platform

Our Super-Wide™ performance hull bottoms reduce roll and pitch for a more comfortable fishing experience , even at low trolling speeds in big water. While many boat builders cut costs by decreasing their boat’s bottom width Lowe employs extra-wide hull bottoms for more usable space in the boat and better overall stability.


Legendary Ride & Handling


Even our competitors agree that a Lowe Boat is one of the best handling, smoothest riding, sharpest turning and driest built. What makes Lowe different? The answer is in our unique Mod-V and Deep-V hull design technology.

We have pioneered Mod-V ProTrac™ and V-Tech® Deep-V precision for a clean wake with an explosive hole shot and a reliably smooth, stable, dry and quiet ride.



Proprietary Lowe ProTrac™ Mod-V Hull

V Hull Aluminum Fishing Boat Construction

High & Dry Riding, Variable V-Hull

Mod V Bass Boat Aluminum Boat Construction

Ultra-Wide, Ultra-Stable Deck
+ Running Strakes


Legendary Lowe V-Tech® Hull Precision

Deep V Reverse Chine Aluminum Boat Hull Construction

Extruded Full Length Keel + Reverse Chines

Deep V Aluminum Fishing Boat Construction

Efficient Power Distribution, Clean Water Displacement + Running Strakes 

Stay the Course - In Style


 Take Control of a Performance Tuned Mod-V

Lowe’s rough water performance is legendary – ask any knowledgeable angler. Even our competitors agree that a Lowe Mod-V is one of the best handling, smoothest riding, sharpest turning and driest Mod-Vs built. What makes Lowe different? The answer is our proprietary ProTrac™ variable degree V hull. These exceptional hulls are the result of 50 years of performance-focused development backed by continuous angler input.

Stinger Mod V Aluminum Bass Boat Console

High-Quality Faria® Instruments
Precision back-lighted, plug and play instruments with chrome bezels; tach, speed, fuel, trim, and tilt.

Lowrance Fish Finder
Rigging provisions for up to a 7" in-dash or mounted Lowrance Fishfinder.

Convenient Storage 
Lockable dry storage glove box for smaller valuables. (Dual console models)

Marine Audio 
Stereo with one pair of 50w speakers. (Optional on some models)


 Lowe Deep-V Console = Professional Grade Fishability

Just looking at the Lowe Deep-V console let’s you know you’re ready for some serious running. The meticulous attention to every design detail is exceptional. You can see the difference in the precision anti-fog, luminescent instruments and feel the difference in the handsome, ergonomic wheel and switches. Tough and beautiful, our Deep-V consoles are constructed of a molded Acrylic/ABS composite that won’t fade, chalk or dull.

Premium Instruments
Precision back-lighted, plug and play instruments with chrome bezels; tach, speed, fuel, trim, and tilt.

Lowrance Fish Finder
Rigging provisions for up to a 7" in-dash or mounted Lowrance Fishfinder.


Convenient Storage 
Lockable dry storage glove box for smaller valuables. (Dual console models)

Marine Audio® Stereo 
Stereo with one pair of 50w speakers. (Optional on some models)


Superior SuperLock Construction Process

 Old World Craftsmanship – New World Technology

Lowe is located in the heart of the Ozarks where old world, hand-worked craftsmanship is renowned. Our boats are meticulously assembled entirely by hand using strictly-controlled CAD designed specifications and advanced manufacturing technologies. The result is our exclusive SuperLock™ construction which ensures that hulls, bulkheads, stringers, ribs, decks, transoms and gunnels are all ‘locked together’ in a truly bonded system. SuperLock™ produces a high-performance unit that maximizes handling, durability and fishability.


Mod-V Construction

  1.  Superwide Deck Width
  2.  Stable Extruded Running Keels
  3.  Smooth Running Variable Deadrise Hull
  4.   Super Tough All-­Welded, All-­Aluminum Hull
  5.   Superlock Construction with
                    Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam
  6.  High Tencil Strength H-34 Aluminum Alloy
  1.  Extra Stable Reverse Chine Hull Design
  2.  Heavy Duty Extruded Gunnel
  3.  Computerized Press Breaks
  4.  Plasma Arc Cut Hull
  5.  Composite Heavy-Duty Transom

Deep-V Construction

  1.  PowerGrid™ Stringer Substructure
  2.  Super Tough All-­Welded, All-­Aluminum Hull
  3.  Transom Power Bar
  4.  High Tencil Strength H-34 Aluminum Alloy ll
  5.  Extra Stable Reverse Chine Hull Design
  1.  Full Length Heavy Duty Extruded Keel
  2.  Heavy Duty Extruded Gunnel
  3.  Computerized Press Breaks
  4.  Plasma Arc Cut Hull

Ultra-Strong Transom
The reinforced and welded transom, secures power and ensures lasting durability.

CAD Plasma Cutting Technology
Combining the latest in engineering, fabrication, and design technology.

Pressure Injected Foam 
We use a unique pressure foam injection process to fill in the deck for a strong, sound, and safe ride.
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Certified Rock Solid Durability

 All Welded - No Rivets

With super-strong .100 gauge aluminum alloy Lowe boats are built to take a pounding year after year. Thick H-34 marine aluminum is renowned for its combination of high tensile strength and flexibility; it’s one of the toughest, most durable sheets in boating. This rugged aluminum is precision plasma arc cut, and handcrafted with continuously welded seams for unmatched strength, durability and a lasting watertight fit. For added confidence, all hull seams include a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


Painting Perfection –
A Work of Art

 Premium Marine Grade Paint Application

Perhaps the most visible difference in a Lowe is its' lasting good looks. During our multi-step process hulls are hand-sanded, cleaned and acid etched, then coated with a tough zinc chromate primer. A finish coat of high-grade polyurethane enamel is electrostatically applied for superior adhesion and then slowly oven baked at 180' for a lasting hi-gloss appearance. The resulting finish is highly durable and wont flake off, orange peel or experience pin holes like a powder coat finish.


Better Built – Best Backed

 Industry Leading 10 Year Hull Warranty

Lowe Boats is respected for taking its warranty obligations to you very seriously. We are also well known for highly dependable and trouble-free products. However should a warranty issue occur, our goal is to make your warranty experience as hassle-free as possible and get you back on the water as quickly as possible.


Hull Seam Limited Warranty
Lowe will repair or replace any structural defect in material or workmanship in the hull seams reported during original purchaser's ownership.

Hull Limited Warranty
Lowe will repair or replace a defect in any other part of the hull reported within (10) years of the date of delivery to the original purchaser, following a pro rated schedule.

Components Warranty
Your Lowe dealer can provide complete warranty information for all accessories & components not manufactured by Lowe for (3) year.

Transferable Warranty
Lowe boat warranties are transferable through your local Lowe dealer adding to the resale value of your boat. The warranty period begins on the original owner’s new boat purchase date. If the boat is sold during its warranty period, the standard component warranty coverage and prorated 10 year warranty coverage will carry over to the new owner once the warranty is transferred through an authorized Lowe dealer. Limitations and restrictions apply. See your local Lowe dealer for details.



Superior Resale Value

 Like Money in the Bank

Lots of boat companies claim to have a high resale value. At Lowe we let the N.A.D.A. and Blue Book do the talking. According to these official price guides for used boats, Lowe Boats rank as one of the highest in resale value. It’s nice to know that when you’re ready for your next Lowe, you’ll get more on a trade or from a sale. (Based on 2013 and 2014 pricing in the N.A.D.A. book and Marine Blue Book.)


Unlimited Power Choices

  Mercury®– World’s #1 Outboard

All Lowe Boats are specifically engineered to integrate a range of Mercury outboards with each boat model to ensure optimum compatibility and performance. Mercury continues to be the benchmark in proven outboard technology and innovation. Premium boat packages are pre-rigged with your choice of either EFI four-stroke technology or OptiMax® direct fuel injected, two-stroke configurations up to your boat’s rated horsepower capacity.

They’re lightweight, provide spectacular acceleration and they use surprisingly little gas!


* Quality is guaranteed with every boat we build, but not all processes, features and statements apply to every Lowe boat model.

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