Tips For Safe & Successful Boating Ventures

Tips For Safe & Successful Boating Ventures

It’s a new year which means there is going to be new boats and new boaters on the water!

Aluminum boats and fishing pretty much go hand-in-hand. Throughout the years, more and more people have taken an interest in boating, it is being enjoyed by more people than ever before. That means it’s becoming increasingly more important to operate your aluminum boat in a courteous and safe manner. Being safe is the responsibility of everyone on the lake.

• Always watch where you’re heading. Inattentive driving on the road is an obvious hazard, the same holds true when operating fishing boats. Fixating on gauges, or carrying on in-depth conversations with passengers while underway impede upon your ability to operate a boat in a safe manner.

• Before starting the outboard, check that all fishing tackle, articles of clothing and any other loose items are safely secured.

• Make certain your passengers and you are always wearing Coast-Guard-approved lifejackets, or personal flotation devices, and that all required safety equipment is on board. Never assume that it’s just another day on the water, an emergency situation can arise at any moment.

• Don’t operate aluminum fishing boats without an emergency engine shut-off lanyard attached to your belt or clothing while the outboard is running.

• Make sure to lower your bass boat’s pedestal seats, especially in the bow area, so that your visibility is not obstructed. Never let your passengers ride on any of the pedestal seats while the boat is underway.

• Take a boater’s safety course. Until you do, you probably shouldn’t operate a small fishing boat.

• Never show off in your boat by speeding or making needlessly tight turns. Your passengers’ safety and the safety of other people on the water is your responsibility.

• Exercise common courtesy while operating aluminum bass boats. Don’t run too close to other fishermen, not only is it annoying but it’s unsafe. Be extremely cautious in no-wake zones or other posted areas.