Why Go Pontooning? Boating is Good for You

Why Go Pontooning? Boating is Good for You

Not into fishing, but want to get on the water? No worries! Pontoons may be what you’re looking for, as fishing is just one of the many activities that draw people to the water.

We all know that taking time away from work and the daily routine is good for us, particularly if we go on vacation. According to U.S. Travel Association research, an annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%, travelers rate their overall health higher while on vacation, and returning holidaymakers get three times more deep sleep.

That being said, why take the plunge into the pontoon lifestyle? That’s easy: If vacation is good for you, pontooning is great for you. First, there’s some sort of primal psychological process that happens when a boat leaves shore; you’ll find that you literally leave your worries and stresses behind you. In fact, in a National Marine Manufacturers Association survey, boating is in the top three of all stress-relieving activities.

And while you’re out there, you’ll find that pontooning will improve your quality of life in a variety of ways. Each outing will provide opportunities to unleash your imagination and creativity, learn new skills as you experience new situations, develop a deeply rooted sense of confidence and embark on a process of self-discovery. You will relearn how to play, because at its heart, pontooning is pure, unadulterated fun. And the best part of all is that you will do all this with your loved ones at your side.


tl;dr Cruising in a pontoon is healthy, and you should take a vacation.