Delta Waterfowl

Waterfowl Officially Endorsed Duck Boats

The Roughneck 1756

Discounts for Members

Lowe Boats is offering a special discounts for Delta Waterfowl members, qualifying boats are listed in the chart below. If you aren't a Delta Waterfowl member, you may join at the time of purchase to qualify. See your Lowe dealer for details.

Delta Waterfowl
Roughneck Jons 2015 Rebate 2016 Rebate
RX1546 $50 $50
RX16 DT   $100
RX1650 $100 $100
RX1650DLX $100  
RX1650SC $100 $100
RX1655 BR   $100
RX1655 SW   $100
RX1755 BR   $150
RX1755 SW   $150
RX1756 $150 $150
RX1756DLX $150  
RX1756DT   $150
RX1756SC $150 $150
RX1860 Waterfowl   $200
RX1860 Waterfowl Tiller   $200
RX1860 BR   $200
RX1860 SW   $200
RX1860 $200 $200
RX1860 Archer $250
(2017 model)
RX1860DLX $200  
RX1860DT   $200
RX1860SC $200 $200
RX1860CC $250 $250
RX1860 Tunnel Pathfinder   $250
RX1860 Tunnel Jet $250 $250
RX2060 SW   $300
RX2070 Waterfowl   $300
RX2070 Waterfowl Tiller   $300
RX2070 BR   $300
RX2070 $300 $300
RX2070CC $350 $350
RX2070SC $300 $300
Stinger Bass Boats 2015 Rebate 2016 Rebate
ST175 Poly Camo $350 $350
ST195 Poly Camo $500 $500
Deep-V's 2015 Rebate 2016 Rebate
FM165 Pro SC Poly Camo $350 $350
  • Wall-to-Wall Award Winning Satisfacition

    Wall-to-Wall Award Winning Satisfaction

    26 Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Awards

    Lowe has received more CSI Awards than any other aluminum boat company. No other aluminum boat manufacturer has won as many CSI awards as Lowe Boats. In fact, some well-known brands have never received this award. Why gamble with your investment and boating pleasure? Insist on award-winning satisfaction. To receive this special recognition, Lowe achieved and maintained an independently measured standard of excellence of over 90 percent in customer satisfaction over the past year, based on information provided by more than 50,000 consumers who have purchased various new boat and engine brands during each 12 month period.

  • Military Appreciation


    More Foam.
    More Rugged.
    More Durable.

    By leading the industry for use of closed cell foam in our hulls, Lowe gives you more confidence, more stability, more security, and more value for your purchase.

  • Military Appreciation


    Our Way of Saying Thank You With Discounts


    Lowe Boats is proud to offer an exclusive discount to those who serve or have served for our great country. This exclusive discount can be used on Model Year 2015 and 2016 new/unused/unregistered Lowe boats packaged with Mercury outboards. Qualified personnel receive the applicable discount off the retail sales contract.

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  • Delta Waterfowl
    Delta Waterfowl

    Delta Waterfowl Officially Endorsed Duck Boats

    Lowe Boats is offering a special discount for Delta Waterfowl members. If you aren't a Delta Waterfowl member, you may join at the time of purchase to qualify.