Floatation Foam




Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam

Our special marine-grade closed cell foam is formulated for strength, insulation, and efficiency. It is more dense than common foams, making it stronger and more water resistant. Our pressurized injection process fills the hardest to reach cavities, strengthening the overall hull structure.


CAD technology ensures boats are precision built to exacting standards. Hulls, bulkheads, stringers, ribs, decks, transoms, and gunnels are bonded together with closed cell foam to create a truly secure system.

Guaranteed Flotation in Extreme Conditions

Closed cell foam is durable and formulated to endure tough marine conditions, assuring flotation in extreme circumstances.

United States Coast Guard Approved
National Marine Manufacturers Association Certified
Canadian Transport Approved

The Coast Guard mandates that all boats up to 20' be able to maintain equal and level flotation. Lowe meets and exceeds the standards set by the US Coast Guard, Transport Canada and NMMA to give you safety and peace of mind.


Increased Stability

Just as important as flotation, Lowe uses super-wide decks, wider bottoms and advanced hull construction with it’s closed cell foam to achieve a dry, secure, quick-plaining ride with exceptional stability.

PowerGrid™ Superstructure

PowerGrid Superstructure. Aluminum Backbone.

The entire internal structure of each Lowe Mod-V or Deep-V boat is engineered for extra strength by securing it’s longitudinal stringers with with closed-cell foam to lock it together. This application reinforces the hull to absorb the impact of rough and choppy waters.


Quieter Ride

Pressurized injection in specifically designated cavities deaden sound for a quieter ride. The hull substructure is “shot” with expanding, closed cell, polyurethane foam tying the entire assembly together to form a quiet-running and rigid, fully-bonded unit.


Best in Class Warranty

Lowe Boats is respected for taking its warranty obligations to you very seriously. Every aspect of a Lowe fish boat is purpose built with exacting construction techniques by skilled craftsman. Should an issue occur with your Lowe boat, our goal is to make your warranty experience as hassle-free as possible and get you back on the water as quickly as possible.

Lifetime Hull Warranty

The Foam Truth

When it comes to the foam in our boats, we know nothing says more than the straight up facts. We use more foam, and we have the numbers to back it up.

Series Model Total Cubic Feet of Foam
Deep-Vs FM 160 T 38.68
  FM 1625 SC 32.7
  FM 1625 WT 32.7
  FM 1675 SC 31.8
  FM 1675 WT 31.8
  FM 1775 SC 32.78
  FM 1775 WT 32.78
  FM 1800 SC 45.1
  FM 1800 WT 45.1
  FM 1900 WT 45.2
  FS 1625 32.7
  FS 1700 41.33
  FS 1800 45.4
  FS 1900 48
Mod-Vs 20 Catfish 49.5
  Lowe Favorite 198 46.5
  Stinger 198 46.5
  Stinger195 32.48
  Stinger 188 39.08
  Stinger 178 36.37
  Stinger 175 32.48
  Skorpian SS 25.5
  Skorpian 17 25.58
  Skorpian 16 22.85
  Legacy 32.48
  22 Bay 55.5
  20 Bay 43.95
Roughnecks Roughneck 1655 BR 19.95
  Roughneck 1660 26.09
  Roughneck 1660 Deluxe Tiller 28.05
  Roughneck 1660 Pathfinder 27.38
  Roughneck 1660 Side Console 27.38
  Roughneck 1755 BR 19.95
  Roughneck 1760 28.09
  Roughneck 1760 Deluxe Tiller 29.25
  Roughneck 1760 Pathfinder 28.5
  Roughneck 1760 Side Console 32.25
  Roughneck 1860 30.49
  Roughneck 1860 BR 25.02
  Roughneck 1860 Center Console 32.25
  Roughneck 1860 Deluxe Tiller 31.58
  Roughneck 1860 Pathfinde 29.18
  Roughneck 1860 Rambler 30.49
  Roughneck 1860 Side Console 34.43
  Roughneck 1860 Tunnel 29.18
  Roughneck 1860 Waterfowl Tiller 21.53
  Roughneck 2070 35.4
  Roughneck 2070 Center Console 34.25
  Roughneck 2070 Deluxe Tiller 39.07
  Roughneck 2070 Side Console 36.6
  Roughneck 2070 Water Fowl Tiller 30.38
Jons L1852 MT Aura 15.11
  L1852 MT 15.1
  L1652 MT 12.86
  1648 11.3
  1648M 10.8
  1648M Aura 7.9
  1448 10.4
  1448M 10.4
  1440M 5.1
  1436 6.4
  1436L 7.1
  1240 7.38
  1232 4.75
  1040 5.8
Utility-Vs V1260 8.07
  WV1260 6.32
  V1460 14.01
  WV1470 14.85
  WV1670 21.24
Deck Boats SD224 47.55


By leading the industry for use of closed cell foam in our hulls, Lowe gives you more confidence, more stability, more security, and more value for your purchase.

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