Lowe Pontoon Covers

Why Buy a Pontoon Cover?

Industry Leading

Trust Lowe's Dependable Limited Warranty to back your pontoon cover purchase.

Outdoor Fabric

ClimaShield Plus technology was developed for the year-round conditions that a boat cover endures - from harsh UV rays to debris, animals, and weather.

Protect Boat

Lowe Boats are known for maintaining high resale value and serving your family for many years - by covering your pontoon, ensure it stays in great condition.


Mother nature has no off-season. Protect your boat from the elements with a cover specifically designed for it.

  Premium Pontoon Boat Covers


Custom Fit / Premium Protection

Lowe and Dowco only offer the best marine grade canvas options to protect your boat from the harsh elements while on the road or in storage. Using only premium quality ClimaShield Plus® fabric technology featuring a heavy-duty 600-dernier woven polyster with a proprietary marine grade triple-coating specially formulated to provide extra moisture resistance, fabric breathability, and water repellency. These hand-crafted covers are custom fit to your specific boat model and include sturdy tie-down straps and an integrated ratchet system for ultra-secure trailering.


Protect Your Investment

  1. Available to fit all pontoon sizes and furniture layouts
  2. Rich look and feel to match the sleek appearance of your boat
  3. Designed to exacting specifications using digital technology.
  4. Secure attachment systems keep the cover fitting tightly and adjustable poles to ensure water run off.
  1. Quick + easy cover installation and removal saves time
  2. Limited 5-Year Warranty gives you peace of mind
  1. Color Options

  Cover Your Boat

  Enclosure & Side Curtain Systems


Pontoon Side Curtain & Full Enclosure Systems

Lowe Pontoons have full and side curtain sets custom tailered for each specific model line that utilize premium marine grade vinyl, zippers, and snaps.


Privacy, Protection, Visibility and Comfort

  1. Individually labeled pieces allow quick and easy installation
  2. Extensive warranty gives you peace of mind
  1. Rich look and feel to match the sleek appearance of your boat
  2. Ultra secure attachment systems including DowcoLok®, YKK SS Marine Grade Snaps, and Lenzip Zippers.

  Get an Enclosure

 Lowe Pontoon Double Bimini Option


Lowe Pontoon Double Bimini Systems

Using industry leading hardware and patented components along with ClimaShield Plus fabric – DowcoLok™ quick release hardware enables seamless, sturdy, and time saving deployment of double bimini arrangements.


Double the Shade, Double the Fun

  Get a Double Bimini

ClimaShield Plus® Fabric is 2x Stronger & 3x More Water Resistant than the Competition

ClimaShield Plus is a premium 600 denier solution dyed polyester fabric that provides superior UV protection and fade resistance. The woven fabric is further enhanced with Durable Water Repellent (DWR), plus a urethane undercoating to increase longevity and durability. The anti-microbial coating makes the material highly-resistant to mold and mildew. This top-quality fabric is highly resistant to shrink or stretch ensuring a tailored and secure fit for years to come.


Lowe Boats 5-Year Limited Warranty


Lowe Boats is respected for taking its warranty obligations to you very seriously. We are also well known for highly dependable and trouble-free products. However should a warranty issue occur, our goal is to make your warranty experience as hassle-free as possible and get you back on the water as quickly as possible

  • Your Lowe dealer can provide complete warranty information for all accessories & components not manufactured by Lowe for (5) years.

Why Does Lowe Choose Dowco Products?

Dowco has been an innovator and leader in weatherable canvas products for nearly 100 years. Their pride in American design along with their marine expertise has been the basis of the Lowe Boats and Dowco relationship.

  • Leading innovator and manufacturer of marine OEM covers, tops and hardware.
  • Dowco covers provide an easy-to-use custom fit that seals the boat from the elements while making the boat look great when not in use.
  • All Dowco covers are engineered and reinforced in all the right places for a lifetime of protection and security. Lowe premium trailerable ratchet covers made by Dowco are backed by an industry leading six year limited warranty.