Lowe Pro Staff


Lowe is proud to be a national sponsor of professional anglers that compete at the highest level with the utmost passion and respect for the sport and the environment. Built around unique and rich personalities, the Lowe Pro Staff is open, engaging and welcomes all to come experience the joy and glory of spending time on the water. Follow them on social media, see them at boat show seminars, tournaments, and other fishing events around the country. Check out their profiles and see their Lowe Boat set-up, equipment, and other pro-tips.


Lowe ambassadors fish like the pros but are on their own unique journey. From making fishing films, to documenting catching a fish in every state in the US, to developing innovative fishing gear – these guys are running Lowe Boats, having fun, and doing interesting things. Check them out on social media to follow along with what they are up to – they might even give you a shot at winning a Lowe Boat!
Matt Strykful Lowe Ambassador

Favorite Rods USA - Lowe Boats


Lowe Boats are made to win, our pro-staff members are class-acts on and off the water.

Lowe Boats boats takes great pride in hard work and family values, our pro staff members represent this through their humility and sportsmanship.

Lowe Boats are built with value and performance as the keys to victory – our Pro Staff shares our passion for quality and versatility.