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Lowe 2017 Pontoon Boats
 Elevate Your Weekends

Retreat Series Pontoons

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2017 Infinity Series Pontoons

Infinity Series Pontoons

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2017 Lowe SS Sport Series Pontoons

SS Sport Series Pontoons

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2017 SF Fishing Series Pontoons

SF Fishing Series Pontoons

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2017 Ultra Series Pontoons

Ultra Series Pontoons

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2017 SD Series Deck Boats

SD Deck Boats

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What gets your heart pumping? Is it the high-pitched whirr of a just-cast line spooling out of a reel? The beautiful sight of an artfully carved wake? The raucous laughter of your friends and family? or the joyous squeal of a child's first leap off the swim platform? The rewards of pontoon boating takes many forms.

Lowe Pontoon Boats Established 1971

Your Passion, is Our Heritage.

At Lowe, our passion is delivering you to where the best memories are, and it has been for more than 45 years and we have the CSI awards to back it up. It's why we build pontoon boats for a variety of pursuits, and it's why we never cut corners on quality or performance.

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 Lowe 2017 Pontoon Boat Line Up

Infinity Series
Pontoon Boats

Ride in comfort and luxury aboard the Infinity Series, where top-of-the-line components, elegant styling, superior comfort and unparalleled quality converge.

Sport SS Series
Pontoon Boats

Lowe SS Sport pontoons offer many advantages you'd expect to find in a higher-priced boat, for less--making the fun more accessible than ever.

Retreat Series
Pontoon Boats

Head-turning lines, premium amenities, and layouts made for versatility--discover an all new blend of style and substance that can only be described as perfection.

SF Fishing Series
Pontoon Boats

Catch to your heart's content. Every Sport Fish model is full-featured, full-sized fishing machine, delivering you in style and comfort to all the angling action.

Ultra Series
Pontoon Boats

A super boat for a super value, the Ultra Series delivers quality and excellence on a budget. Easy navigation and great amenities make the Ultra ideal for new pontoon boaters.

SD Series
Deck Boats

What's better than a deck boat that delivers comfort and performance? How about one that looks awesome while doing it?

 Take the Helm of a Lowe Pontoon

Check out this interactive 360 degree view of a Lowe Retreat 270 RFL pontoon boat. Get an up close look at the impeccable interior quality and stylings.

 Unmatched Construction: Excellence in Design

Lebanon, Missouri, is home to the state-of-the-art Lowe production facility, where expert craftsmen apply cutting-edge manufacturing technology and time-honored boat-building expertise to every Lowe pontoon. Year after year, generation after generation, Lowe has been designing and manufacturing the best pontoon boats for withstanding rigorous quality testing and decades of use.

 Good Looks Backed With Serious Performance

Everything on a Lowe pontoon boat is supported by a foundation of quality construction. For example, Lowe pontoons are built using full-length keels and heavy-duty, edge to-edge cross members. Multiple sealed, fail-safe, air-tight chambers in our standard pontoon logs mean that you'll be riding high and with some of the most reliable floatation available. These details translate into significant strength and durability gains and mean less drift on the water.

    • Pressurized Air Chambers Pontoon tubes are 25" and constructed with isolated chambers from .080" heavy guage aluminum.

    • Heavy Duty Cross Members Thick aluminim extrusions are closely spaced for strength and bolted with hard, marine-grade stainless steel bolts and "Nylock" nuts.

  • Full Length Keels Aluminum keels are welded to each pontoon to help prevent damage and to improve tracking
    • Seamless, One-Piece Plywood Seven-ply marine grade pressure-treated plywood is used for extra strength and durability. Plywood by nature is stiffer, cooler and quieter than other deck materials.

  • Pontoon Nose Cones Nose cones are hydro-dynamically engineered using CAD technology for the most efficient and strongest shape possible to reduce turbulence and spray, and take full advantage of available power while providing maximum displacement.

Every Outing Will Be A Good One

Lowe pontoons are built to be versatile, comfortable and long lasting, whether your thrills come from watersports, fishing, cuising, entertaining, or all of the above. Seating is plush and durable. Helm stations are intuitive and well equipped. Storage space is abundant. Enter the ideal party boat, as passenger capacity goes all the way up to 15, so nobody gets left at the dock.


 Certified Rock Solid Durability

With super-strong .80 gauge aluminum alloy tubes, Lowe pontoons are built to take a pounding year after year. Thick H-34 marine aluminum is renowned for its combination of high tensile strength and flexibility; it’s one of the toughest, most durable sheets in boating.

We utilize state-of-the-art CAD engineering capabilities and computer assisted manufacturing equipment to design and construct our pontoon boats. Gone are the days when pontoons were sketched on paper, then loosely interpreted by assemblers. Our process creates a totally integrated system tying tubes, cross members, one-piece decks, and Quiet Ride rails/fencing, and all furniture components into one unitized structure. This integrated engineering and construction technology creates a stronger, more durable boat providing years of carefree service.


Better Built – Best Backed

 Industry Leading Warranty

Lowe Boats is respected for taking its warranty obligations to you very seriously. We are also well known for highly dependable and trouble-free products. However should a warranty issue occur, our goal is to make your warranty experience as hassle-free as possible and get you back on the water as quickly as possible.


Hull Seam Limited Warranty
Lowe will repair or replace any structural defect in material or workmanship in the hull seams reported during original purchaser's ownership.

Hull Limited Warranty
Lowe will repair or replace any structural defect in material or workmanship in the hull seams reported during original purchaser's ownership.

Seat Limited Warranty
Lowe will replace or repair any defective seat bases & backs reported within (5) years of the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

Components Warranty
Your Lowe dealer can provide complete warranty information for all accessories & components not manufactured by Lowe for (1) year.


Superior Resale Value

 Like Money in the Bank

One place to find proof of Lowe pontoon quality is in the resale value. Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) boat guide--official used-boats-pricing handbooks-- consistently rank Lowe pontoons among the highest in their category. It's a combination of quality construction and passion for innovation that make Lowe pontoons the best on the water.


Unlimited Power Choices

  Mercury®– World’s #1 Outboard

All Lowe Pontoon Boats are specifically engineered to integrate a wide range of Mercury outboards with each pontoon model to ensure optimum compatibility and performance. Mercury continues to be the benchmark in proven outboard technology and innovation. Premium boat packages are pre-rigged with your choice of either EFI four-stroke technology or OptiMax® direct fuel injected, two-stroke configurations up to your pontoon’s rated horsepower capacity.

They’re lightweight, provide spectacular acceleration and are fuel efficient!


* Quality is guaranteed on every pontoon boat we build with one of the best Limited-Lifetime warranties in the business. Exact product configuration may vary, optional features and colors may be shown. Not all processes, features and statements apply to every Lowe model. To get full and the most accurate pricing details, see your local dealer.